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From Brigitte Perrot - April 2021:

I am a 72 year old lady with a lot of operated injuries on my feet, knees, shoulders, hands and legs. I needed a lot of help to function normally and to practice my favourite sports, such as golf, skiing, swimming, wall climbing and boxing. 

In September 2018, on a recommendation from a friend, I  met Stef and explained to him all of my medical problems to see how we could work together. I was very happy with the way he acknowledged all of my physical problems and the constant patience he showed in finding the appropriate workout program. 

Over the first 6 months I was astonished by the improvement in my physical abilities and the increase in my general well-being. 

I can now go down steps without pain in my knees, I can squat very easily and can also box comfortably without sore wrists. 

Being Swiss I was very keen to still be competitive in my skiing and to follow my grandson up and down a climbing wall. I really enjoy this thoroughly now.

During the sessions we had to refocus regularly on different parts of my body to achieve our targets, which we did!

I hope to continue with Stef until I am 90 years old with the intention to stay very fit and to practice a lot of my favourite sports.

Thank you very much Stef for all your professional and mental support, especially during these tough times of the Covid pandemic.

From Mike Kiely:

Professional, dependable, committed and focused are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Stef. I had the pleasure of working with Stef and experiencing his business from the initial fitness program, progressing to the complete holistic CHEK program. I would highly recommend Stef as a personal trainer and for anyone truly committed to their health I would definitely recommend his CHEK program for overall well-being and fitness.

From Jen Sault:

I highly recommend Stef. He volunteers to help assess the movement, posture, and core of Gulf for Good challengers in the lead up to their challenge. He is very insightful, knowledgeable and helpful. Also, pleasant to do the session with. Thanks Stef!

From Rouba Chalabi:

I met Stef after my body had crashed. It was weak, full of pain and my heartbeat was to the roof. I was always out of breath, had gained so much weight and nothing seemed to work. Stef is patient and calm. He navigated all the challenges that my body was presenting and adapted the program to the needs of my aches. I now feel strong, fit, and getting stronger everyday. Stef you are a hero! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From Leanne Hucker:

I avoided running like the plague. It was boring, I found it hard and most of all no music ever motivated me to keep up the distance. With the support of Stef, running was brought into my personal training regime and we worked closely together to start doing 100 metre sprints, then 500 metres, then 1 kilometre without stopping, three times per week. Three months later we completed 'together' the Dubai ABRaS 10 km run and I will never forget Stef supporting me under the hot Dubai sun. It was the slowest 10km he ever did but I finished my first ever 10km that day and I am grateful that Stef taught me how to run. I now have participated in a few 10kms within Dubai, collecting the participating medals along the way.

From Gaurav Khemani:

I really enjoyed my workouts with Stef. As he is a runner himself, Stef understands the needs of one (aspiring) perfectly. His workouts have al. ways been varied, fun and very results oriented. I lost 5kgs in 3 months while increasing my stamina and speed of running significantly!

From Barry Evans:

The outcome of my one on one personal training sessions with Stef in the gym have really started to pay dividends. I am seeing, and feeling my level of fitness improving significantly. At least twice a month I have a sports massage in the privacy of my apartment. The positive effects and results are almost immediate and both muscular stiffness, and aches and pains are gradually disappearing. The other outcome is that my new, improved flexibility has greatly facilitated my one on one training sessions. It is not often that I write testimonials, and this one is completely unprompted by Stef. I highly recommend Stef to other clients. My only regret: I’m sorry that I didn’t start these sessions earlier.

From Laura McDonald:

A friend recommended Stef to me and assured me I would achieve results quickly – I wasn’t disappointed. Every training session is different. We always do free weights, core and some cardio, and mix it up with boxing, TRX or Tabata. My weight is down, my fitness levels are up and I have so much energy. For the first time in 20 years I can actually run several kilometres and I feel super fit. Stef is very encouraging and supportive, and offers realistic advice about diet and lifestyle, without being ridiculously strict. Stef is as keen as I am to achieve results and regularly assesses my weight and measurements. In doing this, I stay focused, having clear attainable goals.

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