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 Personal Training

PT Stef is a fully certified personal trainer and he will develop a safe, efficient, results-driven programme that fits into your schedule and fulfils your needs. It's all about your programme, your goals and your total body fitness!

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Pre & Post Natal Fitness

If you are pregnant, or have recently given birth, it does not mean that you can’t be fit and healthy. PT Stef is trained and qualified in pre and post natal exercise, so you are in safe hands in getting fit.

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Nutrition & Lifestyle 

Look at two major components of health and wellness; what you eat and drink, as well as when you eat and drink. PT Stef is able to coach you on all key lifestyle factors needed to improve your life.

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Corrective Exercise

Stretch and mobilise short, tight muscles and strengthen long, weak muscles to bring your body back into balance and optimal postural alignment. You can then perform and function at your true best.

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