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Corrective Exercise

Your corrective exercise journey begins with a two hour fully body C.H.E.K assessment. This includes analysing your static posture, flexibility, strength, core function and movement patterns following the C.H.E.K Institute's guidelines. Once you have been thoroughly assessed by PT Stef then a corrective exercise program will be prescribed to you.

The initial assessment gives PT Stef vital information that is specific to your body. Any imbalances in your body can affect how you move and perform in the gym, on the sports field and out and about in normal daily living.

A corrective exercise program involves actively stretching and mobilising short, tight muscles while strengthening the long, weak muscles. These exercises are performed with PT Stef’s expert guidance and support. This brings your body back into balance and optimal postural alignment. Only then can you perform and function at your true best.

Your body typically takes four weeks to adapt to the intensity level of your corrective exercise program. Once this level has been achieved then a full body re-assessment takes place. This re-assessment gives PT Stef important information on how you have performed so far and how to then structure your next four week training programme.  

This continuous cycle of whole-body re-assessments and challenging new corrective exercise programs means you achieve your personal goals and dreams in a healthy, sustainable and injury-free way. A vast amount of physical improvement can be achieved in as little as three months of being on a corrective exercise training programme.