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Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching involves two major components of health and wellness; what you eat and drink, as well as when you eat and drink. Other key components to achieve optimal health and vitality include sleep (quantity and quality), daily structured exercise (whole body functional movement patterns), and stress reduction (having a positive mindset). These are all part of nutrition and lifestyle coaching following the C.H.E.K Institute's protocol, so you can achieve your goals and dreams

Every four weeks you complete health appraisal questionnaires and a food, exercise and sleep diary. PT Stef is then able to coach you on all key lifestyle factors by making the necessary changes and modifications needed in your life. This continuously cycle of re-assessments and lifestyle factor implementation gets you to your goal healthily.

Improvements of overall energy, mood, body shape and weight change can be seen in as little as three months. New healthy lifestyle habits are formed and your new way of eating, sleeping, exercising and having a positive mindset are a normal stress-free part of your life.