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Pre & Post natal Fitness

If you are pregnant, or have recently given birth, it does not mean that you can’t be fit and healthy. In fact, having a good level of fitness will help with your delivery, and recovery from child birth. 

Exercise techniques are individually prescribed and coached depending on where you are with your current, and previous, fitness levels. It also depends on how many weeks pregnant you are, or how many weeks since you gave birth. 

A stable and well-functioning core is vital both during and after pregnancy. Training and exercising the deep abdominal muscles, the lower back and the pelvic floor will build and maintain a strong functioning core. 

PT Stef is trained and qualified in pre and post natal exercise, so you are in safe hands. Whether you are training in a small group or 1:1, his attention to detail will ensure that you benefit from the workout. 

Play and Train Workout classes are a great way to exercise before and after you have given birth. If you are post natal then clearance from your doctor is required prior to exercise. Bring your baby along and train with other post natal mums. 

Be sure to look after yourself, and your baby, by keeping fit and healthy. All in the convenience of your home, gym or outside in the park.